American Giant Hoodies: The “Greatest Ever Made”

American Giant Hoodies: The "Greatest Ever Made"

The classic zip-up hoodie, made by San Francisco startup American Giant has become the number one place to buy a hoodie!

But what makes these insanely popular single sweatshirts in such high demand? Read on and find out…

American Giant Hoodies: The "Greatest Ever Made" has learn that San Francisco startup American Giant, who sells Hoodies for $89 is now expanding into four new factories within the last year just to meet the soaring demand.

The pace of growth was so rapid that back-order waits grew to as long as four months. It hasn’t stopped anyone from ordering the best made hoodies in the USA!

When the company started in 2012, American Giant had only one factory in Brisbane, California. Now, they’ve expanded into a factory in Los Angeles and three more in rural North Carolina, just outside Raleigh.

American Giant Hoodies: The "Greatest Ever Made"

American Giant CEO Bayard Winthrop said in an interview with Business Insider:

“We’ve been chasing demand the entire year. In September, we were finally back in stock — and then the rate of buying went up by four times.”

The expansion has allowed them to expand their clothing line selling T-shirts, sweatpants, and a women’s line. The sales continue to increase and the hoodie is currently sold out of most sizes and colors.

American Giant Hoodies: The "Greatest Ever Made"

American Giant Hoodies: The "Greatest Ever Made"

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Winthrop added:

“We are absolutely throttled down on manufacturing. We are maxing out all of our capacity at all of our factories. As much as they can give us, we are taking.”

So what’s so great about this hoodie, anyway?

For starters, it appears to weigh more than two pounds. The fabric, which is 100% cotton, feels about three times thicker than most sweatshirts. And ribbed paneling along the shoulders and sides help create a tailored look, eliminating the boxy silhouette of most hoodies. Bayard said he spent about eight months designing it with the help of former Apple engineer Philipe Manoux and world-renowned pattern designer Steve Mootoo. – Business Insider

Here is what Winthrop had to say about the brand and the quality of the hoodies:

Customers appear to love the quality and fit, calling it “shockingly well made” and “absolutely fantastic” in dozens of reviews on American Giant’s website.

One reviewer wrote:

“This sweatshirt is seriously worth the wait, and awesome for the price, too. I’m considering ordering more to stock up for the rest of my life, but I’m not sure this one is ever going to wear out.”