Barry Smith First Team Athletic Apparel Is Here

Barry Smith First Team Athletic Apparel Is Here

‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ star Barry Smith did his first runway show for his new fitness clothing line, First Team Athletic Apparel.

Barry Smith, the personal trainer and gym owner is focused on taking his various businesses to the next level. Read on to see his First Team Athletic Apparel…

Barry Smith First Team Athletic Apparel Is Here has the latest from Barry Smith who spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet of his new line of workout clothes First Team Athletic Apparel.

First Team Athletic Apparel has been a dream of Barry Smith‘s and his partner since 1996, but they couldn’t get things off the ground. In 2010, Smith and his partner revived the business.

If you’ve been watching ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ then you see what Barry went through to get his first fashion show off the ground.

Barry Smith had this to say about his First Team Athletic Apparel:

It’s something I’ve been working on for a while with a very good friend of mine.

Barry Smith First Team Athletic Apparel Is Here

What makes First Team Athletic Apparel different from all the rest?

Smith has hooked up with Ghost Tactical, which makes antimicrobial, anti-stink combat clothing. The partner gave Smith and his business partner the rights to use his unique fabric treatments for their line of sportswear. And for anyone who has ever wrinkled their nose in disgust at a smelly gym shirt, these items promise to be a game-changer.

Smith said:

It really works. I have a shirt I’m looking at right now on the back of my door at my gym. I maybe wore it 40 times doing cardio and it doesn’t smell.

About Fuel Center of Fitness:

In addition to his athletic wear, he is the owner of Fuel Center of Fitness which he plans to start franchising the fitness classes he offers at his gym.

Right now, you have to head to Louisiana to try one of Smith’s custom workouts. But soon, other fitness pros will be able to offer his classes to their clients, similar to chains like Orangetheory.

Bravo’s ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ star body is a perfectly chiseled explains:

I have classes that I designed. You can only get them at my gym. So it makes us a workout destination, not just a destination to work out,” “We’re going to teach people how to teach our classes.

When it comes to multiple businesses Barry is all about it. He says:

I was always the guy who was the dreamer, always thinking about what can I invent, what business can I open to be my own boss.

Barry Smith and his wife Tamica Lee are in the public eye in a big way, so this is the best time to push his business and clothing line.

Southern Charm New Orleans airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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