LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design


When you think LaVar Ball most people just cringe at his name. But when it comes to his new Big Baller Brand shoes, the OZ2 to rep his son Lonzo Ball, you have to give him props.

After every major company passed on LaVar Ball has flipped things into his own with Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand OZ2. Read on…

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

Most people can’t do this, but LaVar Ball can and has. He is on his way to owning his own empire with Big Baller Brand despite some branding complications.

LaVar Ball was thorough when locking down his Big Baller Brand. Unfortunately the Argentinian streetwear and lifestyle company, Baller Brand, which was founded in 2006 by Diego and Leandro Franco, brothers are disputing the brand. Word is, Lavar has nothing to worry about since he did a Trademark a year ago. They NEVER did, but they’re taking him to court.

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

What we think of Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand OZ2:

Meanwhile, has to give him props for such and good looking shoe. The OZ2 has a sleek design and looks like it could go with anything. From jeans to shorts the fresh looking shoe is a perfect summer statement. The only thing is the price tag. The OZ2 retails for $495.00. The shoe is great and it appears that Ball is a real capitalist trying to get the most off the shoe before his son gets drafted in the NBA.

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

Let’s be real for a second, LaVar Ball can make these shoes for a select upscale clientele, who can afford these shoes. Or he could drop the price to $295.00 and sell 100,000’s or more. His prise tag is too high and he’s only sold 500 pair to date. Lonzo Ball is no Michael Jordan, and these shoes don’t have the reputation of Nike or Adidas behind it to prove these shoes are worth the money.

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

People spend money on reputation and kicks that last. New brands are a risk, especially at $495.00.

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

Here is a description from the BBB website on Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand OZ2:

Price tag $495.00

Changing the Game on every level.

The ZO2 Prime is ushering in a new paradigm on and off the court. The ZO2: PRIME was meticulously developed at every stage by Lonzo Ball. Debuting in a low-top cut, the Prime flies first class without compromise.

An Ortholite© insole is embedded throughout the entire insole for maximum comfort.

A full bed of shock absorbent material keeps the shoe lightweight for high-speed performance. With a custom paint on the bottom, Microfiber python texture in Matte Black, and a Delorean finish.

The ZO2: PRIME is a first class fit for any collection.

Pre-Order available for a LIMITED TIME.

No Refunds or Exchanges. Shipping by November 24th 2017.

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand OZ2 Is Fresh Design

You might have noticed the RED FLAGGS! LaVar NEEDS to send some shoes out to us, so we can wear them and give a review on their longevity. We are a size 11.

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