Blake Lively Got Back

Blake Lively

Blake Lively can’t win, she posted a photo of her booty on Instagram referencing Sir Mix Alot, and of course she got a firestorm of criticism!!!

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively rocked the red carpet with her Atelier Versace gown she wore to the Café Society premiere and opening gala at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival.

Lively worked it and yes Blake Lively Got Back in a composite where she writes “Baby Got Back,” a referrence from Sir Mix-a-Lot hit song of the same title.

Thankfully many of Lively’s Instagram followers saw it as a joke, writing:

“Not racist, it’s lyrics to a song. Take a chill pill, love.

“So what’s the issue now . . . She made reference to a song by a black artist about black people but she’s white? Isn’t that also being racist? Clearly there was no hateful meaning behind it. It’s not even misquoted. She knew what and why she was putting it . . . ‘Cos the song is about big behinds and in that pic she has a big behind! . . . Don’t stop the humour Blake Lively, it’s nice to see a celeb with a sense of one for a change.”

We agree, whats the stitch? She was stating a simple fact, she does indeed got back!


Of course the haters and hyper-sensative folks chimed in saying:

“It’s not by ‘being curvy’ that people say white people are trying to be black. If you have it naturally, then you just got it. The problem is getting your lips injected to make them fuller, or getting surgery to make your butt bigger to look beautiful, when those features were looked at as ugly for years on black women.”

While others just had to go there and call Lively racially insensitive, bringing up her wedding to Ryan Reynolds at Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina, which used to employ slaves before the Civil War.

The commenter wrote:

“As if getting married on a slave plantation wasn’t reason enough to hate her…Unbelievably problematic, using women of color’s bodies as a joke. I guess you just want people to know you’re racist and you don’t give a shit.”

Wow, who knew a butt could start a racial debate when Blake Lively was just showing off ” She Got Back?”

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