Braxton Miller Is The New Ambassador Philipp Plein

NFL Draft Prospect Braxton Miller Is The New Ambassador Philipp Plein

Former Ohio State star quarterback-turned 2016 NFL Draft prospect Braxton Miller Is The New Ambassador Philipp Plein. Braxton Miller also Talks his deal with adidas for sports apparel!!!

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NFL Draft Prospect Braxton Miller Is The New Ambassador Philipp Plein

Braxton Miller, the 6’2″ athlete wasn’t picked in the first round, but he has until tomorrow Saturday (April 30) to get drafted by a team!

Meanwhile, Braxton Miller speaks on becoming the newest ambassador of the luxury fashion house Philipp Plein and his deal with adidas.

On the morning of the 2016 NFL Draft kickoff day, Miller was preparing for a photoshoot at the Chicago Sofitel Hotel. For the shoot and draft day one, he styled in a fitted black European-cut Plein suit with red piping, from the brand’s fall collection with tags still dangling, and red embellished high-top sneakers. He also wore a tee-shirt and sweatpants from Plein. Everything was sent to Miller from the Swiss brand.

In a new interview with WWD, Braxton Miller had this to say about the slim-cut suit he wore for the draft, his relationship with Plein, potential modeling career, wanting to help Plein gain more brand recognition on this side of the Atlantic.

NFL Draft Prospect Braxton Miller Is The New Ambassador Philipp Plein

The Springfield, Ohio native, Miller touched on being a brand ambassador for Philipp Plein:

“I’ve always loved fashion. We don’t have much fashion in Ohio.”

“It’s a big accomplishment. I’m the first athlete in America to sign with Philipp Plein as a brand ambassador.”

He also weighed in on his slim-cut suit he wore the first day of the draft:

“This is tight“.

“I like Philipp…Hopefully, we can have a relationship forever. He’s the best of the best right now. Best quality and workmanship. The shoes are amazing. And the suit, it’s a suit but it’s more like a comfort suit. But I’m not sure this is my size.”

When it comes to his potential modeling career, Braxton Miller said:

“I’m doing photo shoots, fashion shows, appearances. In the fall, I’m going out to Milan for his fashion show. It’s going to be nice going overseas. I have to get my passport. I’m kind of nervous though.”

Miller aspires to own his own fashion label one day, he already is starting branding himself with two T-shirt designs, weighed in saying:

“I want to rock the clothes so we can grow together as a team…Charging One-Way” and his signature spin move.

Miller had this to say about what keeps him motivated:

“I don’t like failing…That’s what keeps me motivated. I’ve always been a person that’s been different. When I have a vision, I go and get it. That’s what keeps me motivated — not failing at whatever I do. I just want to be successful so I can be comfortable when I go to sleep.”

Photos Credit: Lucy Hewett

Source: WWD