Bryshere Gray Rocks Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016

Bryshere Gray Rocks Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016

It’s almost time to start focusing on Empire again, but until the we have Hakeem Lyon aka Bryshere Gray Rocking Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016!!!

Flip and checkout Bryshere Gray as he rocks a sic Moschino jacket from the Menswear Fall 2016 collection…

Bryshere Gray Rocks Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016, you front row to celeb style and fashion choices, like Bryshere Gray of Empire and his Moschino jacket.

Bryshere Gray was recently spotted wearing a jacket from Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016 collection. Also known as Yazz, Bryshere Gray looks great in this jacket, which features patches with a cross symbol on the front and an orange inside lining. His jacket was layered over an extended grey shirt, styled with distressed denim jeans and $190 Timberland Classic 6″ Premium Boots.

Here is what the jacket looks like walking down the runway during the Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016 collection fashion show.

Bryshere Gray Rocks Moschino‘s Menswear Fall 2016

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino is polarizing, but undeniably entertaining. His brand of humor is Pop-ier, wackier, more sugary than Franco’s, but that’s not a negative: Scott is a designer who hits the bull’s eye of contemporary look-at-me preoccupations. Everything he shows can be Snapchatted or Instagrammed pretty much without hesitation.

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino pop culture at its best. It’s young, wild, hip, trendy, fashion-forward and more… When you rock Jeremy Scott’s Moschino you’re making a statement that you’re in the know. And ahead of the curve.

It’s the perfect fashion for the man twenty something to late thirty something…

Here is what Scott had to say about his clothing line:

“I wanted to do supersaturated clothes, so I had tea with them.”

“And as I was telling them my ideas for the collection, they said, ‘Why don’t you take from our archive?’ So from the crosses to the heads to the slogans [which appeared fast and furious on virtually everything] there were so many wonderful things I was able to incorporate.”

Gray was styled by image consultant and stylist Jason Griffin.

Photos Credit: Jason Griffin’s Instagram | Marcus Tondo /