Cardi B Releases New Collection with Fashion Nova

Cardi B Releases New Collection with Fashion Nova

When opportunity knocks you answer and that is exactly what Cardi B is doing with Fashion Nova.

Former reality TV star and rapper Cardi B is releasing a new collection with Fashion Nova. Read on…

Cardi B Releases New Collection with Fashion reports that Cardi B has come through with a collection with Fashion Nova considering the everlasting love the rapper has with the clothing line.

Recently Cardi attended some high-end fashion shows for New York Fashion Week where she was spotted working the runway.

Now, like other rappers, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B is jumping on the merch and endorsement train with her very own collection with Fashion Nova.

Cardi has stuck with Fashion Nova as her goto style line because it’s affordable clothing that matches her sense of style.

The “Money” rapper, who won’t get out of bed unless there’s a $500k check involved took to Instagram today to announce that next month she will be dropping off her own line “for all sizes.”

Fashion Nova gave me an opportunity to design what I like, what I want to put out. I’m gonna put out a line with them, a little somethin’ somethin’. I’m collabbin’ with them for the fall. It’s gonna be great because it’s what I like…They’ve been rocking with me from the beginning.  On top of that, Fashion Nova is big. I know a lot of people can’t afford expensive-ass shit…So everything is gonna be affordable. I want people to look good and high end with a good budget price. That’s the perfect opportunity.

Cardi B’s fashion Nova collection “For All Sizes” will be arriving on November 15th.

Doesn’t this all sound familiar? Remember Nicki Minaj had a fashion line that was in K Mart? It was affordable clothing too. Then, came the perfumes.

We will see if Cardi follows the pattern.

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