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3 Chic Lemon Print Outfits Like Beyonce's Lemonade

3 Chic Lemon Print Outfits Like Beyonce’s Lemonade

It’s summer, so this is the perfect time to wear something light and whimsical like a lemon print bardot crop tops to a lemon print dress.

If you want to be like Beyonce with a lemon print to support her lemonade then flip. Read on about the 3 Chic Lemon Print Outfits …

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tynan leachman

Tynan Leachman Aspires To Model + Play in The NFL

Tynan Leachman talks his aspirations to become a model while playing in the NFL, and these days dreams like that are possible when you have athletes like Odell Beckham Jr. doing it!!!

Flip and checkout is Tynan Leachman has what it takes…

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Drake Commissions '24-Karat Gold' Ovo Sneakers

Drake Commissions ’24-Karat Gold’ Ovo Sneakers

Drake just spent the cost of a home in a normal neighbor hood in Santa Monica, $1.9 million approximately, to have a pair of his OVO x Air Jordan 10 sneakers covered in 24-karat gold!?!

Flip and see what Drake just wasted purchased…

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