Happy Trails Chadwick Boseman Mouth-Watering on Rolling Stone

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman is EVERYTHING on the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine. The 41-year-old Hollywood hunk is serving body, but he is one of two covers this month.

The revolution of HOTNESS is REAL. Take a look at Chadwick Boseman ‘Mouth-Watering’ covers…

Happy Trails Chadwick Boseman Mouth-Watering on Rolling Stone

CelebNFashion247.com is all in about Chadwick Boseman from Anderson, SC. He is truly representing South Carolina. The Black Panther star is sexier than ever, and who doesn’t love a happy trail?

Chadwick Boseman stole the spotlight in Captain America: Civil War and has now continued his reign with the Black Panther solo film. We can expect more Black Panther movies from Marvel since this movie is the 5th biggest Marvel opening in the history of Marvel superhero movies. Black Panther is also the first African superhero movie directed by an African American. Ryan Coogler has outdone himself with Black Panther. He breathed new life into the Rocky saga a couple years back with Creed, but The Oscars snubbed his talents only acknowledging Sylvester Stallone, who recently was a victim of dead rumors. Sly quickly shut down the rumors.

Moving along, Coogler will hopefully be acknowledged this time around for his outstanding work he put into Black Panther. He is Hollywood gold and it would be nice to see a Marvel movie get an Oscar nomination.

As for Chadwick who is showing off his body on the cover of Rolling Stone, he had this to say about the Marvel superhero breaking the box office for February.

Chadwick, who plays T’Challa, king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, says:

“It’s a sea-change moment. I still remember the excitement people had seeing Malcolm X. And this is greater, because it includes other people, too. Everybody comes to see the Marvel movie.”

The vegan star believes he is a conduit for something bigger, adding:

“I truly believe there’s a truth that needs to enter the world at a particular time. And that’s why people are excited about Panther. This is the time.”

Director Ryan Coogler weighs in saying that Black Panther is not only a superhero film, it is also about what it is to be African. The movie is about loyalty, pride, trust and the roots of being of an African bloodline.

Coogler says:

“We were making a film about what it means to be African. It was a spirit that we all brought to it, regardless of heritage. The code name for the project was Motherland, and that’s what it was. We all went to school on Africa.”

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