Diet Prada CALLS OUT Fashion Nova + Kim Kardashian

Diet Prada CALLS OUT Fashion Nova + Kim Kardashian

Diet Prada CALLS OUT Fashion Nova Copying Naomi Campbell Fashions!

When it comes to Naomi Campbell, she has worn it all and done it all way before Kim Kardashian was a thought.

Now, Fashion Nova has collaborated with Kim Kardashian to recreate some of Naomi’s most fierce looks, the only problem is that none of them are original creations.

Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, the duo behind the anonymous Instagram account Diet Prada are calling out Kim Kardashian and Fashion Nova for RIPPING off Naomi Campbell’s fashion and style. Read on… reports, back in the 90s Naomi wore some outstanding Versace outfits and assemble by Gianni Versace.

These days, Fashion Nova has been recreating the looks from back in the day and pawning it off as if they collaborated with Kim Kardashian.

Nope, these looks are all replicas from the golden era of Versace and Diet Prada decided to point it out.

The site simply read Fashion Nova politely saying:

Hey Fashion Nova, here’s a tip… you can just go ahead and copy any 90s Versace Naomi wore instead of secretly collaborating with Kim lol.


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