Elaine Welteroth Speaks on Embrace Who You Are

Project Runway Judge Elaine Welteroth Speaks on Embrace Who You Are

Project Runway Judge, former Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief and author Elaine Welteroth, speaks on embracing who you are in the workplace.

Elaine Welteroth speaks about how age can hurt you in the workplace because it causes presumption from peers if they feel you’re too old or too young for the job. Read on to get the who discussion…

CelebNFashion247.com reports that Elain speaks on astemic oppression that keeps us all small.

Elaine Welteroth opens up and speaks to Angela Ye, Charlamagne and DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club about what our job is as a society dealing with astemic oppression. She interjects that we have to make space for everyone, gay, straight, black, white, Mexican, Asian, Transgender or other.

Now she’s written a memoir. It’s called More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say). In it, she says getting used to discomfort is a big part of her success. She is a biracial woman.

She speaks that we live in cancellation culture and how we are over sensative as a society.

The 32-year-old had this to say about being the first of your community and how to advocate and use our voice properly. She says being “woke” is late and how she wanted to take her bacground as a mixed race woman and turning that into a movement. She flipped her life experience into black beauty and made it part of activism and pushback at the stereotypes of mixed race women.

She explains that she felt that she was being authentic, but a person on social media snapped shot the photo without reading the story and flipped it to a negative blaming Teen Vogue of Cultural Appropriation. She explains that she learned a lot from the experience and two weeks later the magazine was celebrated for multicultural diversity.

Project Runway Judge Elaine Welteroth Speaks on Embrace Who You Are

She speaks on growing up in a white neighborhood:

Being raised in a predominantly white neighborhood, being one of the only or one of few brown bodies in most spaces in my life, and also being raised in a mixed-race family, where you’re sort of at the intersection of two different cultures, two different worlds — and you know how to speak the language of both but you don’t fully feel like you belong to either — I think that ultimately helped me serve as a bridge in divides between worlds in my career, and out in the world as a citizen.

Welteroth speaks on how to take her position and use it as a launching pad as a multiplatform media mogul and more. She decided to follow the Ebony Magazine editor Harriette Cole at was going to change her life.

She speaks on the woman who helped to define and change her life. She went with her gut and did her internship with Ebony and turned down Essence. Elaine Welteroth goes on to explain that her internship was in 2008 during the recession and if she went with essence she would have been back home out of work.

Instead, she went with her gut and landed Ebony which was her launching pad to her career in magazine publishing. It has led her to Project Runway and now her new book which releases on Wednesday, June 12th.

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