Empire’s Bryshere Y. Gray Dressed Like A Lyon

Empire's Bryshere Y. Gray Dressed Like A Lyon

Lee Daniel’s hit TV series Empire continues to take the small screen by storm, but so do his actors like Bryshere Y. Gray who is on fleek in B E A U T I F U L  F Ü L yellow bomber jacket!!!

Flip and see Yazz aka Bryshere Y. Gray on the flip…


Empire's Bryshere Y. Gray Dressed Like A Lyon

In the photo above Bryshere personal stylist, Jason Griffin put this assemble together featuring a yellow bomber jacket by B E A U T I F U L F Ü L, Menswear Made in Los Angeles!!!

Bryshere Y. Grey portrays Hakeem Lyon on Empire and we have to say he is one sexy Lyon!

Bryshere Y. Grey is layered over a $45 Slingshot Tee-Shirt styled with Vintage-Washed Denim Jeans, all from the brand.

Empire's Bryshere Y. Gray Dressed Like A Lyon

Bryshere look is perfect for that causal day out on the weekend, hanging with friends for drinks, or on a second date. It the perfect summer look for 2016.

Recently, Bryshere Y. Gray, the fiery 21-year-old star who plays Hakeem opened up about landing the once in a lifetime role, and how his real mom felt about him making out with Naomi Campbell.

Now that the second half of Empire is in full effect and we all just saw episode 3, after Lucious Lyon forced Hakeems lady Camila drink poison. Hello Beautiful asked what was is like to kiss supermodel, Naomi Campbell?

He explained:

“As a man, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Naomi Campbell is beautiful. I couldn’t see nobody else playing Camila but Naomi. She’s perfect for Camila. We hang out on set and off set. She’s a beautiful person.”

Bryshere Y. Gray added:

“I was actually watching it with my mom and she closed her eyes. It took her a couple of weeks to understand why Hakeem did the things he did. Then she understood, he really has mommy issues and it stemmed from Cookie being locked up for 17 years so he’s get his security from Camila.”

Here are all of Bryshere Y. Gray’s looks below:

What are your thoughts on his look?

Photos Credit: InstagramJason Griffin