FORCE Kim Kardashian West to STOP Using Kimono

FORCE Kim Kardashian West to Stop Use Kimono

Following Kim Kardashian West’s bank-handed statement that does NOT say anything about her NOT using the name Kimono for her shapewear line continues to gain more backlash.

What Kim Kardashian West NEEDS are some advisors to tell her “NO Kim, don’t use that name,” but for some reason that didn’t happen.

Instead, what did happen is that Kim is learning or not, that she has disrespected a culture that is NOT her own. She should realize that the word Kimono has a sacredness to it, and by using is as an undergarment shapewear line it is disrespectful. Now, there is a petition to sign if you want to force her to STOP using the name Kimono. Read on…

FORCE Kim Kardashian West to NOT Use Kimono reports that a petition on has surfaced against Kim, and is demanding Kardashian-West to change the name of the shapewear line.

Yes it might cost millions, but Kimono is a straight up disrespect to Japanese people and their culture.

Sign the petition and FORCE Kim Kardashian West NOT to use Kimono for her brand…

If Kim Kardashian West doesn’t pay attention, the backlash could spread to all of their brands and makeup lines including her sisters.

What needs to happen is that a petition to NOT buy or use any Kardashian product should go out to prove to her that consumers are NOT supporting the erasure of Kimono from Japanese Culture.

That is what Kim is doing. In case you don’t understand why so many people are upset is a simple fact, she has no right to use the name, and second, Kardashian-West is erasing the true meaning of what a Kimono is with a self-absorbed branding which combines her name and the word one.

Sign the petition and FORCE Kim Kardashian West NOT to use Kimono for her brand…

She really should have thought this through, and whoever came up with the idea to use Kimono should be FIRED!

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