Gunna Announces Partnership With Puma

Gunna Announces Partnership With Puma

When it comes to hip hop staples there are only three brands we all acknowledge for sneakers, Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

With Nike and Adidas landing partnerships with some of the biggest names in hip hop, it only makes sense Puma starts building their brand with big-name hip hop stars. Read on since Gunna announces the partnership with Puma…

Gunna Announces Partnership With Puma reports that Puma is building their team of hip hop influencers like Nike who has Drake and Travis Scott with their own Jordan shoes. And Adidas whose roster includes Kanye West, Pusha T, and more.

Now, Puma has signed a deal with rapper Gunna.

To make things official, Gunna confirmed that he has signed a deal with Puma during ComplexCon Chicago.

When Gunna was asked why he chose to sign a deal with Puma, the “Drip Too Hard” rapper clarified that wasn’t the case. “Puma chose me.”

Jay-Z currently serves as the company’s creative director which might explain why we’ve seen some of hip-hop’s most revered artists sign partnerships with them. The latest to link up with the company is none other than Atlanta’s own Gunna.

Gunna goes on to say to Complex why he signed a deal with the sportswear brand:

They’ve already been in the game long, so I’m familiar with Puma. I feel like they were determined. They really wanted to do business with me and take my ideas and bring them to life. It’s more about me building a relationship in the business for longevity. I’m not just doing any quick deals with anybody.

He added:

JAY-Z, and Nipsey Hussle, too. I was following the family with those two. And Meek [Mill], too. I feel like the roster they already had was full of good artists, and I can fit right in.

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