Idris Elba 2HR SET Clothing Line Inspired By Music

Idris Elba's 2HR SET Clothing Line Inspired By Music

Idris Elba will be dropping his latest collection for his 2HR SET clothing line all inspired by music.

Idris Elba who stars in the upcoming film “Hobbs & Shaw,” co-starring Dwayne Johnson is an actor, DJ and fashion line owner of Superdryand now 2HR SET. Elba explains that the new name of his clothing line comes from what he says is a “two-hour set is the acid test for a DJ.” Continue on… reports that actor, DJ and fashion line-owner Idris Elba once again has “taken a concept” and “taking it a step further.”

Below Idris Elba speaks on the inspiration behind his new brand 2HR SET clothing. He wants to tell a story with his clothing line.

Idris Elba says:

Fashion has always been intimately connected with music and growing up in London’s East End — what you wore told the story of who you were.

The soon to be father speaks on how he only gives himself 2 hours to get things right,

He states:

Whether I’m behind the decks on stage, in the gym, or studying a new script — I’ll give myself two hours and really get stuff done. — It’s my window to go for it, get it done, and get it done well.

The 46-year-old hunk goes on to say:

2HR SET Drop 1 was inspired by the logo which I designed with my team and is based on an old school turntable with my initials in the center.

Born Idrissa Akuna Elba, but best known as Idris, adds:

2HR SET Drop 2 is a limited edition collection and will include exclusive Back2Back collaborations with other brands, musicians, artists and photographers who inspire me.

It was recently revealed this week that Elba vetoed a gag in his upcoming film “Hobbs & Shaw,” that would’ve poked fun at the rumors he was in the running to take over the role of James Bond.

Johnson told Variety:

It was “too close to what everybody’s talking about.”

Instead, his character says, “I’m black Superman,” rather than reference 007.

Elba is also starring in the upcoming movie musical “Cats” with Taylor Swift. He took to the gram to promote the upcoming musical.

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