Tired of Paps; The ISHU Scarf Is The Answer

Tired of Paps; The ISHU Scarf Is The Answer

The paparazzi has a new enemy that will kill any photo they try to take! It’s a new invention called the ISHU Scarf or as well call it the invisable scarf created by 28-year-old Saif Siddiqui!!!

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Tired of Paps; The ISHU Scarf Is The Answer

CelebNFashion247.com has learned about the ISHU scarf and it is setting the celebrity and social media world on fire!

If you’re a celebrity, model or artist, then the ISHU scarf is the perfect solution, especially if you’re a parent and are sic of the paparazzi taking photos of your kids. See the ISHU scarf blocks the flashes from photos.

Since Siddiqui’s ISHU scarves hit the web the brand swelled to more than 600,000 views on the same day it was published on Buzzfeed. The ISHU scarves are especially popular with celebrities who don’t want their photos taken every second.

“The ISHU, which is a mashup of the words ‘issue’ and ‘shush’, is designed to protect the wearers’ privacy.”

The scarves are made up of lots of crystals that throw light back onto the camera focusing on the subject wearing the scarves. Therefore, the flash photos don’t turn out the way photographers might intend them to look.

ISHU scarves are also comprised of a special fabric that helps make them the “privacy scarves” that so many people are apparently desiring. The ISHU product creator hails from New Delhi and has found his ISHU scarves and upcoming phone cases to be the hottest item of 2016.

Celebrities, personalities and artists like Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, DMX, Nick Jonas, Major Lazer, Nicole Ritchie, Joe Jonas and more…

Saif has photos on his Twitter account that show the ISHU scarves as they look when photographed in the daytime.  The large and stylish ISHU scarves can be seen on several celebrities across social media.  It’s no wonder celebrities are flocking to the ISHU scarves, because they offer a means of protection against paparazzi that lurk outside of clubs with their DSLR cameras.

Tired of Paps; The ISHU Scarf Is The Answer

And it’s getting better because not the ISHU comes in iPhone and Android covers as well! Now Paps are screwed because celebs can hold up the cellephones and BLOCK paps snapping photos! Take that paparazzi The ISHU is here to kill your career.

Saif Siddiqui announced his next invention over the 4th of July weekend:

“Now I can Finally announce this! After launching @whatstheishu scarves few months ago .. It’s time to step it up.  Black out flash pictures and snapchats with the ISHU phone cases! Pre orders start July 1st only on www.theishu.com.”

If you would like to order you own ISHU item then head to www.theishu.com – there you will find the The Limited Edition ISHU Scar (black/white) for $355.- The ISHU Scarf (Red/white) $289. – The ISHU Phone Case $60. – ISHU Tie & Pocket Sq. $70. and more…

Take a look at this ISHU gallery via Saif Siddiqui: