Jim Jones SLAMS Fashion Brands Not Good for Culture

When it comes to hip-hop culture and fashion these days, Jim Jones says the originality is gone.

Vamp Life creator, Diplomats member, rapper and reality TV star Jim Jones is weighing in on fashion brands that are NOT good for the culture. Read on…

Jim Jones SLAMS Fashion Brands Not Good for CultureCelebNFashion247.com has the latest from Harlem rapper Jim Jones who took to social media to voice his opinion on fashion and the culture.

Now, you might not like what Jim Jones has to say about fashion and the culture not being good due to many brands who are NOT original anymore.

Capo weighed in with an open letter stating

This is a Harlem statement – PS: I wear what I want to wear dapper dan was not a superhero in Harlem the hustles was the superheroes dap only. Made the costumes & capes n enjoyed and indulged in the drugs they sold it’s funny how yall rappers or industry people try to pick what people should wear how people should feel and What people should say.

Jones points out the problems with fashion and how they try to tell the public what to wear, how to talk and how to look.

He adds:

That’s the problem with the industry Y’all do the same thing no one is original anymore! If they say go right and one person goes left they wanna condemn him.

The Wasted Talent rapper:

I can name a bunch of brands that not good for the culture but we still support and wear them.  How about this when dapper dan turns the 2 gg’s into 2 dd’s for dapper dan let me see u go buy it and make it the popular thing to wear and I will shut the fxck up until then follow the drip. I get fly I don’t give a fxck about fashion. All together now rub that in ur chest

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