Kanye West “Sunday Service” Coachella Apparel is Blasphemous

Kanye West "Sunday Service" Coachella Apparel is Blasphemous

On the closing day of week two at Coachella, Kanye West did his Sunday Service which was like going to church.

Kanye West and his Sunday Service performers which included DMX and Ty Dolla Sign did a great performance on top of the mountain, but his apparel for his performance was astronomically priced. Read on…

On Easter Sunday, Kanye West had coinciding merch for his morning’s “Sunday Service” performance at Coachella.

The only problem is that is was ridiculously priced starting at $50.oo for pair of Jesus Walks socks.

Now, if you’re a religious person, Christian, Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, or other, you would know to take the lords name in vain means using his name to sell merch and make a profit.

And that is exactly what Kanye West did.

Kanye West "Sunday Service" Coachella Apparel is Blasphemous

Ye hasn’t been touring much, so he tried to cash in with over-priced clothing using the Lord’s name in vain.

Yeezy’s “Sunday Service” collection includes a crewneck, in an “oxen” tie-dye or “bone,” that reads “HOLY SPIRIT” in a circular text on the front and “SUNDAY SERVICE AT THE MOUNTAINTOP” on the back; a long sleeve tee that takes the crewneck’s theme and adds sun and fire graphics; a draping, choir-like poncho; and a bone-colored T-shirt with “TRUST GOD” printed across the front. The heavenly clothing is finished off with sweatpants to match the crewnecks, and, maybe best of all, the “Jesus Walks” socks.

YEEZY’s “Sunday Service” collection is available now at kanyewest.com, with prices ranging from $50 USD for the socks, to $225 USD for the crewnecks.

For a person who claims to be utterly spiritual, he is NOT living up to his claims. What is wrong with Ye making money off any of these items is that he is using the lords name. This money should be donated to a charity or the school system to help kids get an education.

Take a look at fans weighing in on Kanye’s “church clothes”:

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