Kevin Hart Invests In Tommy John Underwear

Kevin Hart Invests In Tommy John Underwear

American funnyman Kevin Hart has taken his appreciation for Tommy John men’s underwear to the next level. Kevin Hart Invests In Tommy John Underwear!!!

Flip and find out what Kevin Hart has done to expand his brand…

Kevin Hart Invests In Tommy John Underwear has learned that Kevin approached the brand, Tommy John, and rather than just being paid to pose in his pants, Kevin wanted a slice of the business pie.

While 50 Cent has Frigo, Kevin Hart is following suit with Tommy John.

Kevin said, reports WWD:

“I wanted to be something more than just another celebrity endorser.”

“There’s something so much more authentic about investing in the brands that you love — brands that you wear, instead of getting paid to.”

Tom Patterson, Tommy John’s founder and chief executive officer, admits he was wary about teaming up with a big name, but after meeting Kevin a few times said he would have been “crazy” not to have signed him up.

The announcement of Kevin Hart and Tommy John partnership went live on Thursday. Tommy John sharing a lengthy post on Instagram about its new business partner.

“Today, we’re proud to announce Kevin Hart as an investor in our company and a co-champion in our mission to end male discomfort,” it read. “We admire Kevin’s hustle and his uncanny ability to find humour in human struggles. Our founder Tom had to hustle to make his first sales, ultimately leaving a steady job and investing everything he had in the idea that men’s underwear needed to be fixed.”

The post adds the brand has earned “valuable street cred” since Kevin began posing in his pants.

And thanks to Kevin’s 41.6 million Instagram followers, the Tommy John website received half a million visits in the first 24 hours following the announcement.

Kevin Hart Invests In Tommy John Underwear

Kevin also took to Instagram with this announcement over the Labor Day weekend, five days before the official announcement:

“So excited about my new partnership with @tommyjohnwear ….I have been a fan of the men’s underwear line for a long time which made me reach out to the owner & ask him if he would be interested in me investing in his product. He thought it over & got back to me a couple of weeks later & after some back & fourth negotiating we reached a deal. I am proud to say that I am now a owner in the most comfortable underwear line on the market “Tommy John”…..I put my money behind this product because I love it & I believe in it. Go check it out #ComfortOnAnewLevel”

A Kevin Hart by Tommy John line is planned for next year (17).

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