Kim Kardashian Sunday Service Vibe Disrespects Culture

Kim Kardashian Sunday Service Vibe Disrespects Culture

Once again Kim Kardashian is causing controversy with her Kanye West Sunday Service vibe.

The Keeping up with The Kardashians monarch has found another way to get under peoples skin and at the same time inspire teens to dress like her. Continue on and take a look Kim Kardashian’s Sunday Service vibe points out that Kim Kardashian-West knows exactly what she was doing when she put this look together.

See, her husband Kanye West has created himself a following kind of like a hippie cult but millennial style called Kanye West Sunday Service.

Not to many outlets were talking about his Sunday service when it started so Kim Kardashian-West has done he best to strike controversy to raise attention on he man’s weekend thing.

According to Kim, she says that Kanye West Sunday Service is held each week as a “healing experience” for the rapper and all of his followers. Most recently DMX was there to add to the cult-like service.

Anyways, Kim has caught the same attention she did when she appropriated black culture via various braided hairstyles.

This time she is spotted wearing a traditional maang tikka, jewelry long worn by Indian brides and designed to rest on the sixth chakra of the forehead, or third eye. The piece is placed by a pin perfectly at the hairline with matching dangling earrings, a gold cuff bracelet and a floor-length white dress.

Her comment section has lit up with remarks from followers who fired back saying:

This is cultural appropriation and it’s just not cute anymore kimmie…. keep to your own and stop stealing others cultures and their ideas and making them your own!

Another said:

She found a new culture to steal 😍

A third comment reads:

This is so annoying. Do you even know where that headpiece comes from @kimkardashian

While a fourth annoyed person had this remark about the service and Kim:

It’s not a service, it’s an invite only concert with your narcissistic husband who happens to love playing dress up with his human doll wife.

Another commentor SLAMMED Kim stating:

Wtf are you serious … would understand if you wore this to a brown wedding, but a Sunday service???!! This is so disrespectful, just stop.

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