Kim Kardashian Vintage Chanel Bikini Is OMG Nothing

Kim Kardashian Hangs By Vintage Chanel Thread

Here is another trademark Kim K reveal. Some are saying the thirst is REAL when it comes to Kim Kardashian and her Chanel bikini photo.

While others are calling Kim Kardashian news Chanel Bikini pic trash. Read on and decide…

Kim Kardashian Hangs By Vintage Chanel has the latest Kim Kardashian selfie that is very revealing.

Kim posted the picture below and captioned it:

Chanel vintage lets please be specific.

Not really sure what that means, but who the hell cares.

The pic no doubt accentuates Kim’s assets, but who is mad for this. Kimmy Kakes is wearing the hell outta a sKIMpy bikini. #SorryNotSorry

Leave it to Kim K to give weekenders exactly what they want…T & A, but mostly T in this photo.

The “nipplekini” is from Chanel’s spring 1996 collection and was worn by supermodels like Eva Herzigova and Stella Tennant on the runway.

The star’s Instagram post, perhaps unsurprisingly, racked up over a million likes in just a few hours.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams decided to go in on Kanye West for deleting his social media accounts after stirring up controversy and receiving backlash from Twitter and SNL’s Pete Davidson. It all went down during the Hot Topics segment of her talk show.

Wendy said:

I believe that people can follow Kim and find out how he’s doing and she’ll put a bunch of stories up there that everything is going well, he’s fine. Do I think that this is his idea to drop all his social media? Nah, not at all.

I believe he will make it seem like his idea. Kris is like, ‘You gotta shut it down.’ I’m sure Tristan’s talked to him about it, and then he’s got the kids. So somewhere he probably just decided, alright, I’m going to shut it down. It’s OK, it’ll be back up before Hot Topics is over.

Best Chanel ad ever?

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