Kmart Dropping Nicki Minaj Collection

Kmart Dropping Nicki Minaj Collection

Looks like things just keep falling apart the Queen of the Barbs. Today Nicki Minaj got ETHERED by Remy Ma and yesterday Kmart dropped the Nicki Minaj Collection. You can get the last of her clothing line at major discounts currently!

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Kmart Dropping Nicki Minaj Collection just heard, Kmart may be dropping the Nicki Minaj Collection, the rapper’s apparel line, according to news circulating on social media Saturday (Feb. 25).

The news surfaced that Kmart has discontinued the clothing line on Twitter under the handle @KmartFashions, which tweeted.

“Due to a dramatic decrease in sales, Nicki Minaj’s clothing line will soon be discontinued.”

We noticed that the @KmartFashions account does not appear to be affiliated with the company. We also noticed that Kmart’s website shows that almost all of Minaj’s clothing line is on sale, at 40% off.

Could the tweet be an early cursor?

Well, a user shared the tweet with Kmart’s official Twitter account (along with the message “tell me you guys arent serious right now”), and the company tweeted back.

“We’re sad to see Nicki leaves us too. :(“

Kmart Dropping Nicki Minaj Collection

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There has been no confirmation that the news is true, so we will scratch this up to a rumor until we hear further.

We reached out to Kmart but we have heard nothing yet.