Liam Gallagher’s clothing brand Pretty Green SOLD to JD Sports

Liam Gallagher's clothing brand Pretty Green SOLD to JD Sports

JD Sports is now the proud owner of Pretty Green, the clothing brand created by former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

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Liam Gallagher's clothing brand Pretty Green SOLD to JD Sports reports that Liam Gallagher’s clothing brand Pretty Green is known for selling styles of his signature parka jackets, in 2009, and now its been sold to the high street fashion chain.

JD Sports, the high street fashion chain executive chairman, Peter Cowgill said:

We are pleased to have completed the acquisition of the highly regarded Pretty Green brand. We look forward to working with the team on future positive developments.

Here is what we know:

The $6.25 billion sportswear seller has bought the brand which was named after a song by Paul Weller’s former band The Jam, as well as its wholesale operations and flagship store in Manchester.

Pretty Green is believed to have taken a $651,352.5 hit from the collapse of House of Fraser, which fell into administration last year, and subsequently 11 other stores and 33 concessions in the British department chain are set to cease trading, which will put 97 jobs at risk.

The partner at administrators Moorfields, Simon Thomas, insisted that the JD is ”confident” they can make Pretty Green thrive and ”grow” both its ”online and wholesale channels”.

Moorfields, Simon Thomas adds:

Pretty Green is a popular brand and received a considerable amount of interest. We are confident that JD Sports is the right fit for the business and will help to grow its online and wholesale channels.’

When financial troubles emerged last month, Liam, 46 had this to say on his social feed.

He simply tweeted:

As long as we’ve got our health eh gotta put things into perspective as you were PG I mean LG x (sic)

Liam’s estranged brother Noel Gallagher previously mocked his younger sibling about his clothing brand, claiming he didn’t need the money. He also said that an Oasis reunion would generate because he “must be loaded” since so many of his fans are dressed head-to-toe in garments from Liam’s label.

Former Oasis guitarist Noel, 51, said:

Kids with their dads, all of them dressed in Pretty Green, I was saying to my mam, ‘F—ing hell, why does he want to get Oasis back together, he must be loaded.’ Every —- in a parka, every f—er in a parka, the middle of the summer, hat on, four pairs of sunglasses.

Seems there is always bitterness with these two brothers, but they make great music.

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