Meek Mill Previews Another Collab with PUMA

Meek Mill Previews Another Collab with PUMA

Summer is hear and its time to hit the mall and whip out you loot so you can swoop up a pair of new kicks from Rapper Meek Mill who Previews Another Collab with PUMA!!!

Get the details on the flip via Meek Mill and his new collab with PUMA…


Sorry, but Rihanna isn’t the only artist that PUMA is working with at the moment, Meek Mill has his own line of sneakers for all to love and buy!

Aparently house arrest isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet because he and PUMA have come up with some sic new sneakers.

The Philly rapper, who is currently on house arrest, recently posted two teaser images of his upcoming “Dreamchasers” PUMA collab and we can only hope that they’re an upgrade from the trash that they’ve produced thus far.

Nobody is expecting the duo to produce a sneaker as popular as Yeezys, but there’s undoubtedly room for improvement here.

We hope the sneakers from Meek work this time around at least for Nikki’s and Philly’s sake, And Especilly,  For Meek’s sake. For Nikki’s sake. For Philly’s sake.


Meek Mill Previews Another Collab with PUMA

In case you forgot, here are some of Meek Mill’s previous PUMA collabs, the ’24K White Gold’ Pack and the ‘Patent Pack’:

Here are all the photos:

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