Nicki Minaj FURIOUS Over Giuseppe Zanotti Snub

On Friday morning, Nicki Minaj took to social media trying to put Italian luxury shoe brand, Giuseppe Zanotti on BLAST! Minaj was FURIOUS he wouldn’t take her calls so she went offon Twitter!!!

Read more and find out why Giuseppe Zanotti is NOT returning calls to Nicki Minaj…

Nicki Minaj FURIOUS Over Giuseppe Zanotti Snub

Ben Hider/Getty Images for Giuseppe Zanotti

Nicki Minaj has been known to be difficult to work with since the beginning of her career. Many industry people tend to pass her over, instead of the headache that comes with her.

Nicki started reaching out once she noticed that Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian luxury shoe brand, were selling a line of shoes called the Nicki.

She first called him out on Twitter, saying:

Nicki Minaj FURIOUS Over Giuseppe Zanotti Snub

Nicki Minaj sounded off in Instagram:

“@giuseppezanottidesign #RunMeMyCHECK your PR must’ve fell & bumped their head when they told my agency they weren’t discussing anything with us. I’m giving you 24 hours. 😊 #GiuseppeWhatsGood 23 pairs of sneakers in my collection & they won’t take a call?”

Nicki Minaj FURIOUS Over Giuseppe Zanotti Snub

Nicki was mad that Giuseppe Zanotti was her name in its designs and tapping into her fan base without offering her payment or a creative collaboration in exchange. FYI: Zanotti has been selling this line of shoes for 5 years, so why now Nicki?

Giuseppe Zanotti’s has recently worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Zayn Malik, but they’re two of the easiest artists to work with. Nicki is NOT easy to deal with at all, and many industry people know, so the pass her over.

Nicki Minaj FURIOUS Over Giuseppe Zanotti Snub

It was said that the ALL female Ocean’s Eight movie thought of Nicki Minaj, but went with Rihanna because she’s too difficult to work with. Most likely that is the same reason why Giuseppe Zanotti is not returning her calls.

So, Nicki did what she always does, she went off implying that Giuseppe Zanotti’s cold shoulder was somehow a matter of racial discrimination.

She wrote to her Barbz asking them to attack:

“#RunMeMyCHECK #GiuseppeWhatsGood I got time today. 😊 barbz trend this cuz he gon learn today. The racism & disrespect won’t b tolerated.’

Nicki Minaj FURIOUS Over Giuseppe Zanotti Snub

Nicki needs to realize that her difficult attitude is keeping her from work. She NEEDS to realize the problem is herself. Because once Minaj tried to call out Giuseppe as a racist, he removed the complete line of Nicki’s off her website.  He’s unbothered and still NOT answering her calls! #AndWhat?

How is that racist?

The definition of racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Nicki looks like a straight up cornball for trying to pull the race card. Sorry girl, use the right terminology when blasting someone on social media!