Rumors have been swirling that Italian luxury brand Prada was up for sale. Well, we have the tea and Prada is not for sale!

Continue on to see how Prada chief executive officer Patrizio Bertelli took care of the fake news that has been swirling on the internet…

Prada SHUTS DOWN Sale RUMORSThe rumors of a sale came about after Patrizio Bertelli 30-year-old son Lorenzo reportedly joined the group last September as head of digital communication. has the latest from Prada chief executive officer Patrizio Bertelli who released this statement at the company’s new Valvigna industrial complex:

Prada is not selling. Of course, there are suitors looking at us, it’s normal but we are not selling and we will never sell.

When asked about the Bloomberg report a day earlier on succession plans, Bertelli said:

Let’s see, [his son Lorenzo, 30 is acquiring know-how and experience within the company in communication and is preparing to possibly helm the company if he will want to. We’ll see.

A noncommittal and typically feisty Bertelli, who dismissed any idea of retiring added:

Retirement is associated with a physical and mental state. It’s a silly myth in an old society.

Take a look at the #PradaObservia – the #PradaFW18 menswear campaign story of #Prada365 below:

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