Rihanna Kills as Marie Antoinette For CR Fashion Book

Rihanna Kills as Marie Antoinette For CR Fashion Book

If you love Rihanna then when you see her as Marie Antoinette For CR Fashion Book Fall/Winter 2016 Issue you’ll agree she KILLS!!!

Flip and checkout Rihanna as Marie Antoinette for CR Fashion Book…

Rihanna Kills as Marie Antoinette For CR Fashion Book

CelebNFashion247.com has just heard that Rihanna is setting trends for being the sexiest and baddest R&B pop singer appearing on these fashion publications back-to-back!

Rihanna covers the September 2016 issue of W magazine and now Rih Rih is posing as Marie Antoinette for the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Carine Roitfeld‘s CR Fashion Book. The photos are by famed photographer Terry Richardson, and Carine Roitfeld styled it.

The photos are disgusting! Rihanna looks sickening in pieces from Dilara Findikoglu, Pannier Le Vestiaire, Dior and Kunza Corsetorium for this issue.

Rih Rih‘s Fall/Winter 2016 CR Fashion Book issue will be available on newsstands beginning September 15.

Below are some excerpts via DonBleek:

In order to understand why Rihanna is the perfect cover star for our Fall/Winter issue, our ninth edition, you must understand the issue’s theme. CR9 is entirely dedicated to one of history’s most controversial and misunderstood heroines: Marie Antoinette. In fact, her most famous quote, “let them eat cake,” was never actually uttered by the Queen and has, over time, been attributed to her by mistake. It was this lack of understanding, as much as her notoriously over-the-top personal style, that moved Carine.

“I wanted to show that she is not just a villain to be despised or a muse to be channeled,” says Carine. “She is neither, actually. She is a prototype for contemporary fame, body, beauty, celebrity, and femininity. Everything done by her and to her has influenced society’s concept of womanhood, for better or worse.” Looking at the life and times of Marie Antoinette, we begin to see parallels between her and the female celebrities of today. Who besides our modern pop stars are followed with more obsession and desire? Rihanna is beloved while Marie Antoinette was not, but she shares with the Queen an unapologetic attitude that inspires and fascinates. She says what she wants, smokes what she wants, and wears what she wants, making her an icon of authenticity in an era of calculated, pre-baked fame.

For our cover, Carine and Terry Richardson reimagined Rihanna as a modern-day Marie Antoinette. And there couldn’t be anyone more fit for this role of the disparaged yet deeply compelling Queen. “In this issue, I wanted to capture that sense of attraction and repulsion: the fantasy of glamour but also the poison and prison of femininity and society,” Carine explains. “The magazine is crafted around key elements of her [Marie Antoinette’s] life—her exuberant sense of fashion, her elaborate hairdos, her intense sexuality—almost like a modern biography through fashion imagery. And on the cover is Rihanna, who shares with Marie Antoinette an air of royalty that I, and the world it seems, find intoxicating.”

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