Rihanna “The Pope of Fashion” ROCKED the MET, It Came with a Cost

By now you and the rest of the world has seen the gorgeous intricately bejeweled strapless mini dress with a matching collared robe by Maison Margiela Artisanal Rihanna wore at the MET Gala.

Did you know that the theme attire for the, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” Rihanna wore was extremely heavy?

Fashion comes with a cost and when you’re the Pope of fashion like Rihanna you have to bring it and wear the outfit, and don’t let it ever wear you!

You also may have noticed that Rihanna effortlessly modeled the design on the red carpet.

The “What’s My Name” beauty admits that the heavy beadwork on the gown, robe and hat made for quite the challenging red carpet experience.

RiRi spilled the tea to Entertainment Tonight:

It was heavy, every step was a squat. I promise you my butt gained from that night.

Rihanna went on to say that she even considered a different option from Maison Margiela instead.

Ultimately couldn’t part ways with the jaw-dropping look, she concludes:

I had another option that was a lot more simple, same Margiela, but I felt like it was an insult to the people who sat there and like, hand beaded that entire thing, to just say, ‘No, put that in the archives. It was so great, I couldn’t deny it.

We’re glad she went with the neck breaking look because people are still talking and that is what the MET Gala is all about.