Rob Kardashian New Clothing Halfway Dead In Trouble

Rob Kardashian New Clothing Halfway Dead In Trouble

According to reports, Rob Kardashian, 32, new clothing brand, Halfway Dead, is already in trouble!

Get the details on Rob Kardashian new clothing line which is now dealing with some copyright drama!!!

Rob Kardashian New Clothing Halfway Dead In Trouble reports that Rob Kardashian is dealing with some problems with his Halfway Dead clothing line.

Rob Kardashian Halfway Dead clothing line got accused of copying a skull graphic from another clothing brand just days after the exciting new announcement.

The brand in question is Rx Skulls who is pretty well known in some circles for their cool designs, including a series of skulls which look a little something like these.

Rob Kardashian New Clothing Halfway Dead In Trouble

Next, Rob’s Halfway Dead merch line recently featured a VERY similar looking skull on an orange hoodie and some pins that were prominently displayed on the company’s website. After the design surfaced in the news a very close source spoke to Rx Skulls, Halfway Dead almost immediately deleted all picture evidence


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The good news for Rob is that HWD was able to quickly settle the situation with Rx Skulls “amicably,” according to a source. His line of shirts and hoodie are almost completely SOLD OUT following the announcement a couple days back.  Check out

Rx Skulls later confirmed on their Instagram Stories page that the end result was a lot more positive than they’d expected, and things had been settled up and taken care of regarding the allegedly stolen design.

For good measure, Halfway Dead later released an official statement about what apparently happened with the design, after removing everything related to the look from its website.

The statement read in full (below):

I hate to even have to explain ourselves but we traced this skull above. We showed this to the artist who accused us of stealing his art and after seeing where we got it from he deleted his post about it. We both moved on and out of respect of the art is similar to his, we are not releasing this graphic. We at HWD are artists who have been in the industry for over a decade and wouldn’t purposely copy anyone else’s original art.

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