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Romeo Miller Talks EVERYTHING ROMEO Clothing Line


The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Romeo Miller Shows Off Sexy Bod For ShuString Magazine and ladies the photos are HOT HOT HOT!!!

Flip and check out Romeo Miller inside…

Romeo miller

There is no denying that Percy Miller has one fine son named Romeo Miller. He can rap, act and stars in the reality series  “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

The multi-talented rapper, actor, philanthropist, basketball player, entrepreneur, fashion designer, big brother, and model has a list of accomplishments under his belt and this year is no different. Starring in two reality series, “Master P’s Family Empire” on Reelz and “Growing Up Hip Hop” on We TV.

Romeo explains to ShustringMagazine:

“I’ve always had a strong mind frame, I was prepared by one of the most successful people in the business my dad. You are so talented, you’re a rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur, fashion designer, big brother and model which do you enjoy more? I can’t choose one over the other I love it all.”

He talks about his clothing line ROMEO EVERYTHING:

“It’s fashion business, I want the number one boys line, I’ve always loved fashion because being in the public people always paid attention to what I was wearing. Fashion is a lifestyle now. My line is young and fresh like a young Versace. It’s a lifestyle brand.”

He adds:

“Personal style is everything, I like to be laid back I love joggers and a fresh black t-shirt. I also love dressing up like James Bond, brings back a 1970’s feel.”

When it comes to what is next for Romeo’s Brand, her reveals sunglasses:

Romeo says:

“Coming up with Rome Everything glasses, swim, candles, and smell goods. I have a few shows. Me and Angela Simmons have a show and me and Master P have one. I’m always looking for new talent, I’m working hard with Rome Everything, it’s a lifestyle.”

Romeo miller

What do you think of Romeo Miller’s ROMEO EVERYTHING line?

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