Feelings on Scarlet Johansson In Custom Marchesa

Avengers Infinity War Pt 1’s Black Widow Scarlet Johansson was spotted wearing custom Marchesa at Monday evening’s Met Gala 2018 last week, and people are left questioning why?

Should Scarlett Johansson have worn the custom Marchesa despite all the women speaking out against Harvey Weinstein?

In case you didn’t know Marchesa co-founded by Harvey Weinstein estranged wife Georgina Chapman. You may have also noticed that when a female lead starred in a Weinstein film they were wearing Marchesa Notte. That’s because Harvey reportedly demanded his female leads to wear the high-end fashion line to help promote his now ex-wife to become a name in the fashion world. It worked.

Fast forward to now, there has been plenty of scandal around her ex-husband since the Georgina Chapman who revealed that she was humiliated and shocked by allegations of sexual exploitation by her husband.

Chapman, co-founder of the Marchesa fashion label, the creators of fairytale pieces with entrancing floor-sweeping hems and elegant cocktail dresses told Vogue magazine. She weighed in about her feelings involving her husband that left her recluse in her home for weeks since they came to light last October.

She tearfully told Vogue [via The Jerusalem Post]that she was “sickened” by the accusations, which prompted her to file for divorce.

Harvey’s estranged wife and co-founder of the Marchesa said:

I was so humiliated and so broken that I didn’t think it was respectful to go out.

To recap, Harvey’s indiscretions, more than 70 women have accused the Hollywood producer of sexual misconduct, including rape. 66 women are 24 years older than his estranged wife Georgina Chapman, which, of course, Weinstein has denied engaging in nonconsensual sex.

Marchesa gowns are beautifully designed clothing for women, and to be honest Johansson’s MET Gala Marchesa dress is a beautiful.

The designer proudly wrote:

The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson wearing custom Marchesa at Monday evening’s Met Gala. #heavenlybodies #marchesa

It is truly impressive on the mannequin, but for some reason, we feel it lost some of its allure when Scarlett wore it on the red carpet at the MET Gala “Heavenly Bodies” last Monday.

Marchesa describes the gown as follows:

A look into the atelier at Scarlett Johansson’s custom cardinal red to blush ombre draped off the shoulder gown, with 3D silk organza flower corsage and feather appliques.

She also gave her followers a look behind the scenes look at the work she put into Johansson’s gown:

Stitch by stitch… A behind the scenes look at the making of Scarlett Johansson’s custom Met Gala gown.

We are wondering if the dress would have been more of a statement piece if Scarlett Johansson hair was back to the blonde everyone has become accustomed too and loves?

What do you feel?