BITES: Travis Scott Covers Exit + Fabolous Covers Footwear News

BITES: Travis Scott Covers Exit + Fabolous Covers Star

We have some Fashion BITES for you. First rapper Travis Scott covers Exit magazine‘s Issue 33. While Fabolous Covers Footwear News talking sneakers!!!

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BITES: Travis Scott Covers Exit + Fabolous Covers Star has just learned that Travis Scott covers Exit magazine, shot by photographer Kenneth Cappello and styled by Soki Mak.

The independent style magazine was founded in 2000 by photographer Stephen Toner and art director Mark Jubber.

What is EXIT magazine?

EXIT is a luxury glossy magazine that documents and defines fashion, art and world-class photography continues to make each beautifully curated edition a collector’s item. Published twice a year, EXIT magazine quickly established a reputation for highly original content brought together in its pages by an established and emerging set of unique photographers, stylists and artists bound by a search for creativity and authenticity.

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Next up, Fabolous Talks Sneakers in the new issue of  Footwear News!

BITES: Travis Scott Covers Exit + Fabolous Covers Star

Brooklyn‘s Fabolous recently dropped his Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up mixtape. The project ablaze the Interwebs and streets over the Labor Day Weekend. Fresh off the final summer holiday, it was announced that the lyrical rapper is Footwear News latest cover star. On the cover, the fashionable emcee and sneaker collector wears a pair of Saucony Grid 9000. He also sports a pair of Converse Larry Bird Weapon Retro.

Brooklyn‘s Fabolous the lyrical rapper is Footwear News latest cover star for Footwear News, photographed by Annie Tritt

In the magazine, Fabo told the publication about his personal style, fondness for sneakers from the 90s, and opening up his own sneaker shop in the next year.

BITES: Travis Scott Covers Exit + Fabolous Covers Star

Here are some highlights from Fabolous interview with Footwear News below:

How did you come up with your own personal style?

“It’s really about comfort for me now, what I feel comfortable in, whatever vibe I wake up feeling like. I constantly change what look I’m wearing, what shoes I’m wearing I’m wearing Filas; at the shoot, I wore Converse and Saucony. I like to be versatile; I like to be diverse [and] try to keep all the styles I’ve seen and liked or became accustom to and mix it up.”

Name any designers or labels you’re fond of?

“I grew up in the 1990s, so I like a lot of the styles that were going on then. The design of the shoes, to me, was truly ahead of their time — a lot of the classic Jordans and a lot of the retro stuff that’s coming back now is really all from that time period. Some of them were slept on — they were worn by living legends of the time or connected to people who were bigger-than-life stars, and they’ve moved on and new stars have appeared, but those shoes still have a connection with people. I like that ’90s era of style and swag.”

What’s your most fond sneaker memory?

“My uncle buying me the [Nike] Air Max 1 — that was my first sneaker I had with the air bubble on it. That whole technology idea had first came out and at that time it was futuristic — now it’s nothing, but then it was futuristic, kids at school wanted to touch it. That was my first cool memory of having cool shoes.”

What are your must-stop sneaker shops?

“I definitely like Packer [Shoes]. It’s nostalgic, too; Mike [Packer] is a guy from a long line of sneakerdom — his father had a sneaker store and left him the sneaker store. That’s one of my favorite shops. I like a couple shops out of town, too. In Boston, there’s a store called Bodega — I like how dope it is that there’s a bodega out front. You go in and it’s go the refreshment, the juices and sodas, and there’s a counter where you pay for stuff, and you keep going in and there’s a sneaker store in the back. I like Major in [Washington] D.C.; I like Pusha T’s shop in [Virginia], Cream, and I like Sportie LA. I try to pop in a lot of shoe shops all over the country, I go there just to check them out and see what they’re holding. I went to 12AM:Run, the shop Nas is a partner with, and it was a cool shop as well…

…I want to do a shop — next year sometime, I want to do a shop. How passionate I am about it and how much I like to wear shoes, different styles of shoes, that’s why a shop is coming into my mind. I like variation; I like different shoes. I’m going to start working on it soon, I’ve got to get some music out there first and let that run on autopilot. Brooklyn would be dope, that’s home base for me, [and] I like some areas in New Jersey, like the Hoboken type of vibe.”