All Eyez On Me: Tupac, Biggie Clothing Revives 90s Fashions

All Eyez On Me Ressurect The Clothing of Tupac and Biggie

The 90s was the most influential years of hip hop! Hip Hop was filled with messages to stand up and fight, to Bring the noise and to fight the power. Tupac had it on lock on the West Coast, while Biggie held down the east.

Read on and check out the fashions of Tupac and Biggie in the 90s resurrected in All Eyez On Me


All Eyez On Me Ressurect The Clothing of Tupac and Biggie

In the upcoming All Eyez On Me, the film resurrects the Walker Wear vest Tupac rocked in Above the Rim and Biggie’s track suit.

The clothing for the movie was recreated by April Walker of Walker Wear and iconic Lifestyle fashion brand with a rich heritage. Back in the 90s April Walker designed clothing for both 2Pac and Biggie in their heydays.

Why All Eyez On Me: Tupac, Biggie Clothing Revives 90s Fashions:

Per TMZ:

April Walker is the woman who designed for both 2Pac and Biggie in their 90s heydays and is the founder and owner of Walker Wear, has unearthed some of her original patterns to remake exact replicas of the rappers clothes.

“We’re told April had to remake 2 costumes for the biopic using patterns she saved from back in the day. One of them is the yellow Walker Wear vest Tupac rocked in Above the Rim, and the other is a track suit she custom made for Big.”

All Eyez On Me Ressurect The Clothing of Tupac and Biggie

Here is a brief history seen through our eyes of what the 90s was to us:

If you weren’t LL Cool J, Wu Tang, Lil Kim, Nas, Mobb Deep, Naughty By Nature, Salt N Pepa, The Lox, Total, Mase, Busta Rhymes, or Norriega you weren’t heard. On the West Coast it was all about Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Lady of Rage, The Dogg Pound, Nate Dogg, WC, and a few more.  The Dirty South was non existent and nothing was coming from Texas except for the Geto Boys. As for Chitown, that was Common territory. Anything you hear now, only surfaced after Tupac and Biggie died. It was the era of Bad Boy and Death Row Records.

All Eyez On Me Ressurect The Clothing of Tupac and Biggie

What Tupac Brought to the West Coast:

Tupac spoke to all of us, he opened our eyes to the baby mamas struggling, the gang bangers hustling, and what goes on in the hood. He told us about street life in the 90’s. He picked up where NWA left off. He was the continuation of Eazy E’s prolific words that Ice Cube wrote. But after the two friends split, Cube continued telling life from a hood perspective. He was hard, raw, uncut and uncensored. Tupac was poetic, rough, and violent. The two kept hip hop hard. It was a movement about Thuggin – Thug Life – live fast, stay hard, die young. The message was dark, but inside the hostility, the message was real.

What Biggie Brought to the East Coast:

On the flip side, the East Coast, Biggie talked about drug life – slanging dope – living lavish off the monies of the down trodden. Making music, wearing name brands, rocking fancy cars, drinking champagne and flossing. Coming from nothing and becoming something. Giving young black kids in the hood hope to be more that nothing. To stop being oppressed by the white man. To strive for more, to just get out!

All Eyez On Me Ressurect The Clothing of Tupac and Biggie

Who B.I.G. and Tupac were to Hip Hop:

B.I.G. and Tupac were the Gods of Hip Hop, two definitive voices, with extraordinary messages to empower a nation, so they were taking out. In those days you were either repping the East or the West , there was NO in between! Their voices became too strong. We didn’t see much of the truth in Notorious, so we are hoping All Eyes On Me is a bit more honest on who Tupac was. His good, his bad, his dark and his ugly side. From rapper, to thug, killer, banger, lover, poet and voice of the people.


The Clothes Expressed the Era and the Movement. It all Had a Meaning:

As for, fashion, it was over-sized vests, Baggy pants, Timberlands, Kangols, Addidas sweat suits, denim pants and jackets, fatigues, militant attire, white T’s and jeans, Red pasley, blue pasley, baseball caps repping the hood, graphiti shirts and more. It was a time of self expression, rebeling against a common enemy, the opressive white governement. Today it would be Trump. But today there is no one voice in hip hop that reps a coast. Everyone is in it, there are many styles of hip hop and its not great.

Checkout the fashions for All Eyez On Me: