Van Johnson Previews New ChicaGorilla Fashions

Van Johnson Previews New CHICAGORILLA Fashions

Many of you know Van Johnson from Vh1’s Black Ink Chicago, but the tattoo artist and owner of CHICAGORILLA is pushing forward with his creativity.

Van Johnson recently posted his new CHICAGORILLA Fashions which you’ve seen on Black Ink Chicago. Read on…

Van Johnson Previews New CHICAGORILLA Fashions supports Van’s CHICAGORILLA Fashions, so we’re bringing you the latest styles that you can nab at his Chicago location or online.

Van previews his new ChicaGorilla Crop Top Hoodies for the confident woman:

“Crop hoodies can be found, the essence of a woman is extraordinary, your smiles, your figures, your walks, your everything, be comfortable and confident in your own skin and in our brand.”

Van Johnson Previews New CHICAGORILLA Fashions

He also previews the new Limited Edition ChicaGorilla Bodysuit:

“Limited edition Chicagorilla bodysuits coming soon, Life is to Live, it’s not only a brand it’s a lifestyle.”

Van Johnson Previews New CHICAGORILLA Fashions

The brawn hunk announced his updates and how you can get your own CHICAGORILLA fashions:

“Updates all day will be made for new merchandise, CHICAGORILLA.COM is where you can find them, the pieces I’ve created for my personal looks I wear on the show #BlackinkChicago will be on there as well because I’ve been getting lots of request for my style of dress, the store is officially open for custom orders at 2150 S Canalport Ave Suite 3B10: THANKS FOR THE CONTINUED SUPPORT, WE BUSS OUR ASSES TO PRODUCE THIS MERCHANDISE AND GET YOUR ORDERS OUT PROMPTLY, WE LOVE YA #CHICAGORILLA.COM 🦍🦍🦍”

Van Johnson posted this Instavideo: